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OK folks, time is getting near.

This event is being held on the runways of the old El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

Like previous Club111 events in San Diego, we're limiting the number of participants in order to get the maximum number of runs.

Please try to arrive no later than 8am.

First car out at 9am.

This is a work/run event, so you'll work two 60 minute shifts and run the rest of the day.

There will be top-notch instructors on hand to help you learn how to get the most from your Elise.

Click the link below for directions and a gate pass: to El Toro Field _gate 9 Drive Ctr _.pdf

$60 per person
Lunch will be provided.

Payment can be made 2 ways.
Paypal to: [email protected] - please indicate the payment is your entry to the April 8th Autocross

or send a check made out to "Club111" to:
Blackwatch Racing
19 Willowbrook
Irvine, CA 92604

Entrant List:

1. Randy Chase
2. Robert Puertas
3. SilverArsenal (pp)
4. Knucklehead (check)
5. MethodX
6. dmoney (pp)
7. Patricko
8. Vantage (check)
9. 04dw (pp)
10. Spider (pp)
11. Chococar (pp)
12. Chococar Jr. (pp)
13. fan_f1
14. SteveK
15. ChrisH (pp)
16. David (check)
17. Avi
18. Steve W
19. Amy W
20. bli8 (pp)
21. Ancient Wedgie (pp)
22. Cliff Jockey (pp)
23. alwan16 (pp)
24. jlotusd
25. pixlpush (pp)
26. jon domingo
27. david yang (check)
28. fzust (pp)
29. Dave Cattanach
30. dmoney-2 (pp)
31. bli8-2 (pp)
32. m3m750 (pp)
33. m3m750-2 (pp)
34. lotusguy (pp)
35. Toby Larsson
36. Beverlee Larsson
37. CALtd (pp)
38. my1st2seater (pp)
39. Bill Schenker
40. Eric Clements
41. Mari Clements
42. jkanon
43. lotusguy-2 (pp)
44. farooq ahmad (pp)
45. Russel Rodriguez (pp)

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Please count me in....

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Joe, I have a couple of extra helmets I can bring. They are
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