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Aquamist System2D w/ FiA2 amplifier - water injection

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$$ Price see below:

Before the Tripoint core charger system was put on my car I had Tripoint install this water injection system to my car to great results. Water temps on my car never exceeded 191 on the track during the summertime and this is with the MP62 supercharger running around 8-9 lbs of boost with no intercooler.

You would need to get some odds and ends from Aquamist to complete the kit:

injector nozzles
-random fittings and hoses
-3 LED lights for the display to show system is on, water low, or water clogged
-water/meth reservoir ***DO NOT USE ALUMINUM FOR THE CONTAINER*** use plastic :) most people use their windshield wiper fluid bottle, several places make 1 gallon plastic containers

This system is programmable based on boost and/or load. I had mine spray water in a linear fashion based on at least (iirc) something like 65% throttle under boost. I could literally see water temps dropping on the stock readout under high throttle/boost. It detects water levels, water flow blockage, and if the system is working properly.

I believe I paid around $800 or so for this kit, I was about to use it on my STi but have decided to just go full 20G turbo on that car with a larger TMIC. So...this is just sitting here collecting dust. I am going to post this on the STi forums where I believe there is a much greater demand for water injection - but thought I'd put it here too to see if anyone needed it.

The downside in my experience was having to carry another container of meth/water when I went to the track. I used about a gallon a day at the track, and about a gallon every 2-3 weeks on the street. If you don't know a lot about water injection then please research and see if this is right for you. I was thinking someone with a stock block and the BWR kit or Katana who wasn't running an intercooler is the perfect candidate - you will pick up some power and at the very least run a VERY cool car on the track. Again, DO NOT USE ALUMINUM as the container, use one of the many plastic containers out there.

$$ price : right now it's sitting here, send me a PM with any offer above $1, will post later on STi forums and see if anyone wants it there



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hmmmm....Peter, I wonder if this would help my car....
You should talk to Cody tomorrow, he knows a lot about water injection - this goes for you or anyone, you need a way to retune since you would essentially be running higher octane. We found a mixture of 75% distilled water + 25% methanol gave the best cooling results while providing enough fuel for a good spark. You could in theory run 89 octane with this and be fine in a pinch, though of course no one would ever do that on purpose. Just, you are essentially running a richer mixture with a higher net octane level. In general also you should tune for "cooling" meaning not to get huge power gains from running more advance, but somewhere conservative and get the cooling benefits. I think we picked up like 8hp, but just had a very cool running car.

It's basically cheap intercooling, with the hassle of the install and the requirement to refill another fuel container frequently. It's direct injection straight into the intake manifold so you have to tap that as well.
hi Kaz, i have the same system 2D kit.

could you advise me on where n how to hook up the part whereby you connect the FiA2 to the injector's wiring?
I also have an aquamist system hooked up. My system triggers at a certain throttle level, injector duty-cycle and only when making positive pressure. It has been functioning flawlessly since I installed and upgraded my system.

As for the Fia here is the diagram that should answer most questions.

The real trick here is to adjust the amount of water injection so that you do not get too much that is robs horse power away. The amount of water needs to be adjusted per the amount of fuel flow. Unless you have a system that adjusts the flow according to your injectors fuel flow, you will never have it mapped correctly. That is the problem with the cheaper systems and why so many people were seeing loss of HP on the dynos. I have measured no loss of power with the way my system is set up.

Kaz, if no one wants your kit, I'll take it off your hands for a fair price and keep it as spair parts.


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