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So I'm guessing the oil leak came from the oil coolers? If so, that's one head ache pre-fixed before you buy.

I just have one question, how much do you want to spend on an Elise? I think it's hard for us to really price something like this because most of us are from the stand point that saving a few bucks on the entry price is a bad starting point. If you look back at the salvage title "how much is this worth" posts... you're going to see a lot of "save your money until you can buy a clean 2005". I'm also of this opinion, so take my assessment with a grain of sand.

For a clean car with 61k miles I'd probably look into paying low 20s

For a salvage car drop a few thousand

For a car like this, I'd probably be willing to pay 15k (and they are probably asking 25k right?)

You're probably thinking of going to the wall, but don't! It's cold up there and theres these creepy dead guys
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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