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Every year I tell myself I am going to get more track time in and that I will drive farther to tracks to get more experience and every year I end up only getting one to two track days at PIR.

This year is different, I am signed up for the ridge and ORP but was wondering what other tracks were a days drive away? My plan is to rent uhaul trailers to drive to anything but Portland Raceway(I am posting another thread with questions about this). Here is the list of easily drivable tracks that I know of, what am I missing so I can start looking into tracks days and how to get my car there?

Portland international raceway
Oregon raceway park
The ridge
Pacific raceways
Bremerton motorsports park(I cant find much info has this track been shutdown and is reopening or?)
Spokane raceway park
Thunder hill raceway
Infineon raceway

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I'm in Seattle and regularly trailer to:

Pacific raceways
Laguna Seca

This year, I'm hoping to add the Ridge, Miller and Spring Mountain.

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