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What: Monthly AZ Toyota Meet
Where: Saguaro Lake
When: Saturday, May 2nd - Time: 9AM

Stay updated by looking at the latest posts.
I would like to get as many Toyota owners to attend as possible. It will be a way for us all to get to know each other and check out other Toyota models. This is also including all Celica/Scion/Corolla/Lotus owners and all Lexus owners!!

IF interested just post it in this thread.


What: Lake Cruise
When: Saturday, May 2nd - Time: 9AM
Where: Saguaro Lake

*The plan will be to meet at Quiktrip on Ellsworth and University at 9am. Well just hang out, gas up, drink, etc. until 10am when we will head out for Saguaro Lake.

Look at this list guys. There are wayyyyy too many maybe's.

Ok, so far we have:
Brady (vehicle_5) +1
Allen (Allen86)
David (SidewaysEightSix)
(AE86FAN) + 1
Ben (stealthjet)
Byron (EMSRacerCeli03)
Michael (PHXrolla)
Jon (truenofab)
Doug (Zaxous)
Chris (cyrolla)
Woody (Woody)
Derek (Dmin)
Ryan (zerocool0295)
John (Truepaint)
Brian (polo709)
Brett (drummerboy0518) +1
Anthony (xantonin)
Josh (wht03crlla)
Kian (Cai)
Tyler (celica_86)
Adam (JerkeyPnut) - Maybe
Jen (CeliChick2003) - Maybe
D (RollaBoy) - Maybe
Linh (jin602_05) - Maybe
(tunerRSI) - Maybe
(Twincharger) - Maybe

hello im from the celica site, and everyone from 9thgencorolla, scionlife, newcelica, etc all have monthly meets and i always wondered if you Lotus guys wanted to meet some of your brothers in the Toyota family or at least some other 2zz cars. There is a meet in Phx this sat as stated above. All the members posted above are ppl attending the meet this sat. I will post on here to keep Lotus guys updated sorry i did this so late but if you guys in the AZ district are interested in a drive and a photoshoot let me know. tHnaks again. :clap:

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