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Arqray Twin Muffler on a S240

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Just a quick review on this setup. I am running a stock header and stock cat with the Arqray Twin Muffler. I bought it used from ericwgexige. It came in great shape and in the stock packaging. This exhaust is beautiful. The stock s240 exhaust has rather large piping. Looks actually a bit bigger than the Arqray, but by milimeters. Advantage to the Arqray is that it's straight through. Looking at the comparison with the stock exhaust on the Sector111 site makes it seem that this is a relatively quiet exhaust. NO IT'S NOT! It has a much lower deep sound, and if you are over 10% throttle, it gets louder and louder. This is not going to pass sound at Laguna, and possibly might not pass sound at the other local tracks. I'll let you know when I go to Thunderhill and Infineon. Pops and gurgles when you lift after accelerating. It's loud. I'm glad this is a spare car. I'd go nuts driving it around everyday, but once in awhile, it's fun :)

I'm curious to see other types of exhaust in the area. If anyone wants to compare in the South Bay, CA, pm me.
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How does it handle the power?
Not sure, I have a very numb butt dyno... Feels about the same to me. I can't feel less than 40hp... hahahaha

Does low end rpm feel as strong?
Feels the same to me...

Feel pronounced cam switch?
No cam switch feeling. Unlike my Elise which ripped alive at 6k.
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