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For those of you who have been fans of Gran Turismo or Forza and also have a decent PC capable of playing games - or if you're an online racing simmer then you'll likely enjoy Assetto Corsa. It's in a "beta" type phase where the game isn't finished yet but you buy it at a price that's discounted from the price it will be when it's finished and "released". Today they released multiplayer along with some bug fixes etc. They release new tracks regularly and new vehicles regularly. The physics are outstanding and it's quickly becoming one of my all time favorite racing games. They fully support modding the game so we'll see unofficially supported cars that can't license out their product due to prior obligations (Porsche, etc) and custom skins, paintjobs, etc. There are already loads of mods for helping you decrease laptimes like overlaying corner entry and exit speeds, etc. You'll want a driving wheel for this game.

It's available on the Steam platform - which if you've never used it, is a digital distribution platform for PC gaming. It's easily the largest in the market and is almost a make-it-or-break-it for most game developers.

The point of me putting it in this section and me telling you guys about it is the immense Lotus representation in the game. There are a TON of Lotus cars and I've had fun driving most of them. They almost all handle exactly like they do in real life and the exhaust sounds are almost spot on. I'd say 90% of the factory colors are represented too (couldn't find Chili Red for example but every other color is there).

Here's a screenshot from the game's "showroom" I took of an elise as close to mine as I could get where you can rotate around a car and take in-game screenshots:

The graphics are great and have improved since it first came out - things like tread marks, smoke, etc is all improving as the updates roll out.

Check out their main site at Assetto Corsa | Your racing simulation. The most realistic PC racing simulation and if you like it, buy the game on Steam here: Assetto Corsa on Steam or just click the "Buy Now!" link on their page. You'll need to install Steam which is pretty unobtrusive and has a nice friends list, loads of games constantly on sale, etc.
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