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Atlanta Locoster

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Hello all. I am a Georgia Tech student (senior in mechanical engineering) and have a completed locost in my garage. My life is currently enveloped in cars (must...branch...out). My other toys include an '85 Saab 900 (dd), and Wreck Racing's (grassroot motorsport challenge team at tech) lexus V8 powered miata.

I live in downtown Atlanta and look forward to meeting some of you all soon. I try to attend as many driving events as I can afford which usually means atlanta region SCCA auto-x, Souteast Drift drifting events (dont knock it until you try it!), and import ricer meetups at the Varsity (do knock it).

Since the internet is boring without pictures...

yes, that is abe lincoln with a boom box on the hood.

Keep an eye out for me in atlanta (especially if you have a huge lumbering SUV, please).

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From a GT alumnus (BS Chem '74, PhD '76), welcome aboard. Nice ride! If you can get a little further away at the end of May (28-6/1) you may enjoy the Lotus Owners' Gathering at the Barber Motorsport Park outside Birmingham (LOG 29).

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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