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Can you empty out your hotmail account? I'm trying to get quotes for some magnetic numbers and decals, but you're over your storage limit, so my message keeps getting bounced back...

Here's the email:

"I was wondering how much some magnetic numbers would cost? I like the style that Vincent has for his car. Can you slant them like his? They would need to be white with a silver outline though to contrast my black car. Also the number's can't be taller than 14 inches, so that they'll fit on my door.

My mustang club is also looking to have some club decals made up. Would you be able to do this? If so, can you make them on a clear background with white lettering? How much would they cost for 50 of them? I've attached a jpg of the logo."

Once you empty your hotmail account I'll send you the jpg for the logo :D

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