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Autobahn 06-22-09 videos

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I plan on tracking my car Monday afternoon if I don't get stacked in with patients. :shift::shift::shift:

If there is anyone interested I can do some "follow" and get HD video of you in action. I got a new HD camera I want to play around with.

Ideally I would like to get at the back of a group and follow each car one at a time and just work my way towards the front, one car at a time per lap. It would have to be a coordinated effort with the drivers but it might work out.

Just a thought if anyone is interested.......

Post here if interested, don't PM, the box just fills up too fast.

It looks like we are set up for the North track.

A word to the wise for the newbies....WATCH Turn 6. Most drivers turn in way too soon and get into trouble. They are either into the left armco or they over correct and wind up on the right side into that the armco.. It's a late double apex turn. That's generally where most get into trouble on the North section. You might want to check our youtube videos ahead of time user names: dpmdc or dpmdc84 I'd hate to see someone ruin their car. The rest of the turns are more forgiving and at least have a larger run off.
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