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Autobytel Cupholder Survey

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Cupholder Survey

Take the survey. I guess we just dont get it. About 40% of the people would change the car they had in case they didnt like the cupholder. Im in the 3% that doesnt use them.

I guess we should be rating how restaurant tables handle in curves. Do that many people actually use them?

Whenever I go on long drives (over 500 miles) and I might need a drink, I put a small cooler in the passenger footwell, chug the drink during a long straightaway and toss the empty container into the cooler. Cant imagine having a drink get warm why I am busy concentrating on driving, but yesterday the girl at the light next to me accidently honked her horn while she was leaning towards the vanity mirror when she was putting her makeup on, she continued driving and doing her makeup as the light turned green. On top of it, she was cute and didnt need any makeup in the first place.

I think I will leave the roof off of the Elise and start showering during rainstorms so that I can save myself time on the way to work. I can hang my clothes over the rear engine hatch so that they will be dry by the time I get to work :rolleyes:
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I use them for long trips and hot coffee. That is harder to hold in your crotch. And if I am driving for 1100 straight miles... I need my starbucks. :)
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