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AUTOCAR Pics of Exige S2 [big pics!]

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AUTOCAR Pics of Exige S2

HI All,
Posted pics from AUTOCAR on Exige S2
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More from Seloc-

AutoCar Exige Article bits-

The new Exige is powered by the Toyota engine, putting out 133lbft @ 6800rpm.

ABS is standard.

Electric windows and locks are optional.

Under 1980 pounds. Power/weight 192 bhp/ton


A new Esprit is due out in 2007.

M250 type replacement in 2008.

Best quote from Seloc-
The Lotus senior staff must have been sharing a spliff out back with the Porsche Cayanne team.
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I noticed a couple interesting things in those photos:

1. Notice the position of the third brake light? I don't recall ever seeing this on an Elise before. Probably shows what the US tail will look like.

2. Note the position of the exhaust tips. Well, more specifically, that they're not in the typical location and are not even visible in this picture. This strengthens the rumor that the exhaust will exit down through the diffuser area.
Matt, the brake light on the S2 exige is in the same place as it was on the S1 elise.

I'm scanning the article for you guys..

Exhaust out the Diffuser

Just to remind everyone. Arnie Johnson of LCU stated at LOG 23 that the exhaust would come out of the diffuser.
I think the S2 Exige looks pretty tasty, though I did drive an S1 Exige and quite liked it!
ok here's the news section from autocar.


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OK people. Sorry for the splurgepost but I figured most people would appreciate it given that Autocar is difficult to get outside the UK.


ps. Looks like the low exhausts weren't just on the mule then!
Thanks Craigy! I thought it was a very good article.
Forgot to mention that as I run 1600x1200 on my desktop, all these pics fit on my monitor without a scrollbar except the ultrawide p88/p99 one (which ought to read p88/p89).

HI Craigy,
Thanks for posting the article. Good to have a UK "Source"
Excellent posting Craigy. Couldn't indeed find the magazine over here in the Netherlands. The S2 Exige is beginning to grow on me. Can't wait to see it in the flesh, but it won't be my car: I just love open top motoring :)
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