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The local Corvette club has been putting on a fairly well attended fun autocross in the Desert for a number of years. This year, the event is May 13-14 and will be held at the County Fairgrounds in Indio, near Palm Springs.

I know of about 4 Elise/Exiges that will be running. Desert European will be bringing a couple of cars on Saturday. Helmets required, but overall a very low key event.

It is a charity event for ALS (Lou Gerig’s Disease) and they raised about $10,000 last year. It costs something like $20 for three runs.

Should be fun if you would like to pass on the word. If we can’t outrun a bunch of Corvettes and Vipers in a big parking lot, we need new cars!

Contact Ed Goad for more info: [email protected]
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