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Not sure if anyone posted this one but they had the Krypton Green Lotus as well. I'm assuming it's the same test mule that C&D used. In the C&D article they mentioned the S2000 only being a second behind. Well I guess it all depends on the track cuz in Automobile mag it was a good 4 seconds behind in lap time. They tested a bunch of cars at Barber Motorsports Park. Here's what they had to say on the Lotus.

Lotus Elise

"The insectlike Elise might not be pretty-Sherman quickly dubbed our lime-green example "The Locust"- but to drive it is a beautiful thing. It all comes down to weight or, in the case of the Lotus, the eye-opening lack of it. At only 1980 lbs, the Elise is several hundred pounds heavier than the original, British-market version, but it's still a heady half-ton lighter than almost anything else on our roads. Thus, even though it has relatively modest discs, wheels, tires, and engine power, it's braking, lateral grip, and straight-line performance are on par with much more powerful but heavier cars that aren't nearly as much fun to drive. On the track, the mid-engined, aluminum-and-composite roadster rivals the Caterham for the purest driving experience. Toyota's 2ZZ-GE 1.8-liter dual-oerhead-cam four sounds better here than it does in any Toyota, and its 190 hp is plenty for a sub 5.0-second run from 0-60. The brakes are effective (70-0mph took only 2 ft more than in the Porsche 911 GT3), and the handling is the closest thing to a go-kart's of any road car in America. It takes a really tight corner for the Elise even to hint at understeer; most of the time, turn-in is as clean and neat as a Martha Stewart jail cell. The biggest revelation, though, is the steering, which is so direct, so perfectly weighted, and so utterly wired to your brain, it just about makes you want to weep when you consider the slop-filled mechanisms for turning that afflict most other road cars. *snipped pricing stuff*

Although the lithe little Lotus rides quite well on the street, few owners will want to mix with SUV's on the daily freeway commute. It will be a blast during back-road forays to your favorite local track, though, and once there, you'll discover for yourself exactly why the Elise has been such a sensation in Britain and why suddenly roadsters such as the BMW Z3, Porsche Boxster, and even the Honda S2000 seem positively bargelike in comparison."

Lotus Elise

0-60 4.9* (Manufacturers data)
70-0 braking = 170ft.
(911 GT3 did it in 168 ft)
Lap time = 1:46.9
(Honda S2000 = 1:50.8)
(Viper SRT-10 = 1:45.3)
(911 GT3 = 1:44.1)
Avg speed = 76mph
(911 GT3 = 78 mph)
Max Speed = 108
(911 GT3 = 117. Without that power the Elise probably would take it)
Cornering L/R 1.28/1.37g
(911 GT3 1.44/1.37g)
(Honda S2000 1.28/1.26g)
Braking = 1.00g
(Honda S2000 = 0.88g)

Sorry if this has been posted. I can scan in the article by this weekend and post it if people are interested.
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