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Another happy automobile writer who needs to lose some weight: rotfl

"There are seven variations of this basic funbucket from Lotus, none straying far from the others. But the more you drive them, the more you appreciate the subtle differences.

Of the seven, this one might be the best combination of day-to-day "comfort" and fun-to-drive tossability. With a collapsible toplet on, getting in and out is still about as easy as for an '80s short-track stock car. You slither, crawl, beg and finally flop onto the pavement next to the door like a docked tuna.

But after a day's drive, we felt no pain. Actually, we were grinning like moon-eyed converts at a torque rally.

You'll smile the first time you enter a corner. The SC is so light that control almost comes with throttle alone. On corners with enough room and sightline, instead of braking, we entered a bit wide and powered out; brakes were almost unnecessary.

With the future of automotive transport in flux and with ever-increasing fuel-economy standards, small and light could be standard on every car in the future. This little Lotus could be the future of sports-car-dom."
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