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Two items.

First is on page 9. FAST POLL column.

A pic of a black Elise with gold rims.

First letter:

I wouldn't trade my Lotus Elise for all the tea in China. The Elise is a street-legal race car that achieves its performance through innovation and a lightweight purist design. It may not be the fastest car on the market, but it certainly offers the best driving experience. -Michael Sands, Sunnyvale, Calif


Second is the full page ad of the Elise on page 33. Top half is a nice pic of a silver Elise from the front.

Imagine a car that can convert pure thought to driving

No other car drives like it because no other car is made like it. Front the top-to-bottom innovations we built in, to everything we left out. You'll find no cup holders, no sub woofers, no automatic transmission - nothing extreneous to get between you and the road - or add unnecessary weight. And at a mere 1,975 pounds., the Lotus Elise is able to deliver performance that the heavyweights can only dream of.

"So immediate are its reactions, so effortless its exertions, that thinking and doing becomes one." raves Road & Track. That few can appreciate this level of performance is beside the point. Fact is, Lotus Elise is a labor of love. By engineers with more than 50 years experience in racing design and a passion for driving. To find out more and the location of a dealer near you, go to .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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