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Autoweek Poll Alert!!!

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AutoWeek survey

AutoWeek has a survey on their website inquiring about, among other things, the best sports car in the US. Yes, the Elise is an option...and thus, it is up to us Elise nuts to vote! Besides, until our cars get here, there's not much else to do!
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Can't seem to find the survey on their home page? Can you shed some light?
On the top of the page, there's a banner "America's Best".
Autoweek has an internet poll which asks about "America's Best" The Elise is included as a choice. I suggest we all vote for our car.
somehow i accidently hit "Gallardo" ...gosh - i have no idea how that happened!
fitfan said:
somehow i accidently hit "Gallardo" ...gosh - i have no idea how that happened!
I had the same problem, I must be from Florida. I voted Gt-3, but there is a preganant chad for the elise
you guys just each got moved 5 slots down on the elise waiting list.....:)
I can't wait for my elise, but I can't vote for an elise in that company honesty....

I voted for the Vanquish instead.
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