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Hi guys, I'm planning on swapping a turbo 2zz into my 1986 Toyota MR2. The swap has been done before with NA 2zz's, but AFAIK nobody has a turbo one. If anybody is interested, here is more information about the plan 2zz Turbo Project - MR2 Owners Club Message Board

My initial goal is 250 whp. Ideally I'll eventually bring that number up closer around the 400 mark. My question to you guys is what I need to do to a bone stock 2zz (other than new bearings, pumps, seals, etc.) to achieve a realiable 400hp without ever having to worry about it. This includes what turbochargers I should look into. I want the most responsive turbo that will let me reach 400hp. I'll be going with an aftermarket ecu, and I'll be doing the engine work myself. I've heard some people say only pistons should be necessary, some people say rods also. Should I be concerned about the oil pump? Is there anything I can do to prevent pump failure?

Additionally, what transmission is capable of holding this power for a long time? I will NOT be launching this thing, but do need a trans that I can trust to hold the torque. I'd like to keep it c60/c56 if possible just to make the mounting easier. What axles can I use to transfer the power to my wheels? I've heard NA SW20 MR2 axles will fit a C series trans and my hubs, but I don't know if they will hold up to this amount of power either.

Any input is appreciated, thanks guys.
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