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What: AZ BBQ Cruise
Where: Payson area- Details, see below.
When: Saturday, August 2nd '08 - Time: 3PM

I am trying to see how much interest there is to get a Monthly Toyota Meet started here in the PHX area.
The place where we'll meet will be decided when enough people show interest.
I would like to get as many Toyota/Lexus/Scion/Lotus owners to attend as possible. It will be a way for us all to get to know each other and check out other Toyota models!!!

IF interested just post it in this thread.


What: Payson area cruise/ BBQ/ Photoshoot
When: Saturday, August 2nd - Time: 3PM
Where: Payson area

This meet is long overdue!! We have yet to get every model of Toyota/Scion/Lexus/ and Lotus out to a meet, but I'm still sure it will happen!
For this meet I'd like to set it up as a type of Potluck BBQ cruise. Driving out to Payson and setting up where ever seems like a good spot for the BBQ. I'll bring out my small charcoal grill and a cooler with some grub.

IF you're interested, put when you can make the drive and what you are willing to bring. BYOB

**The plan will be to meet at the QT on McKellips and Country Club, just off the 202. After that, we'll cruise out through the Beeline to Payson, find somewhere to set up a BBQ and chill. We can stop at several different places to have a photoshoot along the way.
*Micheal from will be setting up red and white balloons at the turnoff up by Payson so that we all know where to go.


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Sorry about posting this up so late!! I almost forgot about this forum until I saw a Lotus Elise driving next to me on the freeway yesterday!

I'll need to get a count going of who's coming and if you're able to bring anything for the BBQ. BYOB

1. SnowmanGT/ Vehicle_5(everyforum) - charcoal, grill, cooler, ice, brats, condiments, drinks
2. AZ91turbo(mr2oc) - chairs, brats, burgers
3. TurboTRDcelica(mr2oc) - something special
4. Rollaboy (9thgencorolla) - Veggie burgers FTW. Chipotle BBQ sauce that I have, and say and 8pack of buns
5. 08rolla (9thgencorolla) - cooler, ice coke and pepsi products and a variety of chips
6. stealthjet (newcelica) - water bottles
7. woody (aztoyota) - Nacho chips, salsa, disposable plates, cups, and napkins.
8. badhabits (9thgencorolla) - potato salad
9. NurSpec (scionlife)
10. CeliChick2003 (newcelica) - navigation
11. Scloyd (yarisworld) - food
12. Velonici (MR2OC)
13. Greek88 (newcelica)
14. Add yourself here.

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Quick UPDATE!!!

Time for the meet has been moved from 4PM to 3PM!!

I figured if we moved the time to 3PM, then leave by 3:30pm it will give us another hour of daylight.

I'll send out a reminder text to everyone that I have a phone number for.:wave:
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