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Been away for awhile but now back. Bought my used Mag Blue '06 NA Elise back in March '07.

Odometer reading at purchase: 7,216
Current mileage: >154k

She's been driven in the rain, tracked, auto-x and several road trips across the US. Never ceases to amaze me how such a little car can bring me so many smiles! Of course owning a Lotus has come with trials and tribulations. Some highlights: Two separate oil cooler line failures, replaced leaking radiator, loss of VIN in ECU, locked out due to Cobra system, replaced clutch slave cylinder, electrical gremlins, replaced leaking coolant tank, replaced leaking water pump, replaced stuck-open thermostat and countless replacement of rear tires... I have enjoyed spending time under her as much as driving. But for two clutch replacements, I have performed all repairs and maintenance.

Notable upgrades to date:
Proalloy Radiator
Radium coolant tank
Radium clam removal kit
Multivex side mirrors
ACT-HDSS clutch

Just purchased yesterday:
Inokinetic DS Brace
Sport insert engine mounts
BWR Penske NA Coilovers (350/500)
Replacement OEM door pulls

I plan to keep on driving her until I physically can't get in/out.

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Yes, these are amazing little cars and so much darn fun? I also still love the way they look after 15+ yrs.

As David Nagller said, "Lotus hit a home run with this car".
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