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Back in an Elise

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Hi LT, after 1 year, 11 months, we are back in an Elise. We lost our 2006 in a terrible crash, and almost lost each other, but have found and purchased a very low mile 2011 Elise SC.
It's quite different than our 2006 Elise NA, but familiar in the right ways.

We did a tour and 'experience' day at the Factory last March, it planted the seed of certainty that a 4C was not in our future - the Elise was the only answer.

We are proud to be back, and happy to see some familiar members still active.

The new Elise is about 2K mi, hardtop, touring, sport. Awesome.


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Welcome back. The facelifted Elise styling has really grown on me. Car looks great!

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Beautiful car, hoping to see it around the city this summer!
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