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Back in the saddle!

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After 3 months of therapy I finally got the Elise back out yesterday! Doc finally released me and felt good so took her n a drive. I'm not ready for a track day yet by all means but felt great to drive her a bit!! I'm down 10% of my body weight and finally feel like my left leg is gonna stay attached to my body! I'm going to put off the next couple surgeries till next year. I'm going to enjoy her this summer. See you On the road!
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Great to hear you are doing better! Hope to bump into you within the next year.
Hope your wife is doing well too. I got married last week to the gal who was with me when we met a couple years ago.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! She seemed like a great partner. Lets think about a Cabo trip with the families. We're going Halloween week this year. Let's talk!
Congrats! Look forward to seeing you and the Elise on the road.
Hey congratulations sir! Those pounds off will help the p/w ratio!
Thanks guys! My phone rang off the hook yesterday setting up Bar-B-Qs, drives, and even a Cabo trip! I appreciate all the friendship and support that people on this site give! Now lets go put our tops down and enjoy this fantastic weather!!! Thanks again!
Way to go! Hope you can make the Vandenberg Show this year.
You should have your leg behind your head soon enough. Glad to hear you are driving again.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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