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Base wheels powdercoated gun metal, or similar color? Pics?

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I'm getting ready to take my wheels and other bits to the powder coater. Anyone have any pics of colors (specifically gun metal, or something similar) you had your wheels done in other than black? I'll most likely go with satin black, but could change my mind. Something like this maybe (unless these are just perfectly coated in brake dust)... frontangle - LotusTalk Lotus Gallery
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I just did a set in metallic carbon on some LSS and they came out incredible. Send me your email in PM and I'll shoot them off to you. The pix are too big to post here.

Somebody please post those pics I would love to see the rims. better yet send them to me I'll post them

PM sent
Just curious, what did it cost you to get them power coated? I have heard prices anywhere from $60 - $150 per wheel. :shrug:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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