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All orders 'in', whatever that means, will
be filled by the end of '1st Qtr - 05'. I have only heard about 30 orders being
sent in by dealers but perhaps some of the 'gang of 39' have sent in more. That
is the only way to bring the expected annual production to the 2,200 figure that is constantly referred to, otherwise
if all dealers have only been allowed to send in 30 specific orders, the amount of cars concerned will be 1,170 cars. In any event, many dealers are going to realize only 30 cars 'total' from now to the period ending '1st Qtr - 05' if what O'Shaughnessey says is correct. I still contend in my theory that approximately
19 dealers are small ones, and the additional 1,030 cars are going to be allocated between the 20 medium and large dealers remaining.
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