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Batteries for Sale: One battery is new, the other is out of a less than 3,500 mile Elise (they both read over 12.80 with a meter and the Elise's green light glows).

The new battery is one brand that I've used for over 20 years, they're fantastic batteries. I believe it's 28 amps and around 20 lbs.

They are only being sold because of the install of BOE's Tilting Clam. Neither battery would fit where the charcoal canister was (the optional mounting location)...A/C lines in the way. Had to get an Odyssey 625, which is 3+ inches wide to fit; neat installation, like it.

New battery... is a Deka ETX 30L "Sports Power" (Glass Mat Technology) 6 1/2 L x 6 3/4 H x 5 1/8 W" $111.00....$80.00 ...killer deal.

Check Deka here: http//

Elise (factory battery) still like new... less than 3500 miles...$40.00

Pick up only in SoCal...please PM.
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