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Battle of the Texas dealers

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Overseas got one - "gift" car so far - maybe another 'gift' car arriving in next few days - I am not aware of anyone on the list receiving on and they have not received the demo they ordered yet.

Seems like their allocation is crap.
Prediction (speculation):

First eight cars at Overseas will be "gift cars". Smaller allocation compared to a comparable size market. :( I hope I'm wrong.

Gonzaba allocation until end of year only 10.
I thought that the ST black, no touring, hardtop, LSS at Overseas is a customer car not a 'gift' car.

Also they are expecting an Aztec Bronze that supposelly is the demo, but that's not what they ordered since we all thought it was going to be yellow.

I'm hopping you are wrong on your predictions huggybear
I jsut posted in another thread, but I went and saw the Aztec Bronze car this past Saturday. There was no indication that it was a Demo from the sales guy, or I would have wanted to drive it before deciding I really wanted one...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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