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Bazooka, gPan, Schroth, dBrace etc

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So after getting my new to me
Track oriented Exige SC

I got time to put her on a lift in our top secret "team R&D facility"... (Farm shed)
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Supercar Lotus exige

Pulled the interior
And started to clean up the engine bay

Vehicle Car Auto part Supercar

Vehicle Auto part Engine Car Compact car

First question
What is this bracket in the pass footwell? Metal

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Today we do the gPan...motul oil... Tranny fluid flush, with motul ... Castrol SRF brake fluid

And maybe soft top install if we have time

Too bad no driving till Monday as the oil pan swap requires 24-48 hrs for the liquid gasket to seal

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recommend using Toyota FIPG for the gpan to seal it up.
Do a leak test before installing the pan using water. I had a pan that leaked due to a bad weld.
Also make sure that the oil drain plug won't leak and that the inside welds don't interfere with the plug seating.

Hope that helps!

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Not being an ass but the wrap on your exhaust needs some help. Don't waste your time with that DEI junk or the stainless bands. Get a good brand like Morosso and use safety wire to secure it.

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Very nice car and a good selection of mods! Looks like you are doing nice work on it.

What lift is that you have it on in post #3 ? I have read some about lifts on this site and it seems like most people think that kind will damage the bottom of the car. What was your experience with it?
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