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its coming together
Rust Metal
Product Furniture Vehicle
Wood Fender Architecture

Bumper Automotive exterior Vehicle Car

always changing
Vehicle Car Supercar Sports car Auto part

Floor Metal

Red Plastic Chair Vehicle
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i squared off the back clam so the front mud flaps will go on opposite sides in the back

it looks kinda cool when its all together

im making the sills a little longer to cover the exposed part of the rail in the rear
Automotive exterior Bumper

a drink holder big enough large jack in the box drink
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:bow: :bow: :clap:

you are best I've seen since I've been on here!! anything you envision you can actually make!! I bow to thee....

P.S. it was nice talking to you, i wish I lived closer to your place!! :wallbang:
gona make a gas door and receiver today, see how that works
Red Carmine Auto part Circle Coquelicot

just pulled
Automotive exterior Auto part Grille Bumper Carbon
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WOW, I am most definately interested to see where this is going and how the finished product is going to look. Nice work!
cf in mold. that's pretty obvious but it wont let me post without saying something
Street art Art Textile Graffiti Visual arts

foot rest
Plastic Rectangle Circle

practice parts
Automotive exterior Auto part Bumper Tire Carbon
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oh snaps!
This is without vacuum bagging?
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practice parts
Wow nice!!
The pieces look absolutely amazing. :bow: Just amazing!!!

ggonna try me some side scoops today


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Dam Dog, you're going too fast for my brain!! :D are you using vacuum infusion or brushing on the resin? BTW your molds are very clean, it shows you know your stuff...
ggonna try me some side scoops today
Is this the OEM size or bigger?
Very impressive! I'd buy your CF creations!
air duct

i decided to make the air duct larger. the scoop on the 260 is comical, that huge scoop in the front narrowed down to that tiny hole in the back its like a parachute. i understand why they did it production wise. i wonder if the increased drag can be justified, is there that much hp gain? anyway i figure ill just increase the duct size lower the fpm velocity and static pressure in that area


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If you do it right the future of Lotus parts could go through you!! in 5 years Lotus parts will be hard to come by and making a whole car in Carbon is everyone's dream.. ;) :D
not really looking to sell parts, its true my co. could make hundreds of these parts in one day. we have a big frp facility, im just having fun making the car my son wants. and teaching him the ropes. anyone can do what we do, maybe not in that volume. its very easy i encourage every to try it, its fun
What you do is very impressive :bow:

I've been playing with the thought of trying to do my own CF just so I can say I tried it.
One of my coworkers is big into model glider plane fabrication and does a lot of CF work with complex surfaces like wings and such. I think he currently holds the European speed record with one of his planes at far beyond 300mph. He offered to give me a hand and help me with the basics and material to play with. Now I just need to find the time to start...

I just think it is very cool if you can do stuff like this by yourself :up:
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