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Behlman Midrives Demo

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So I FINALLY get to actually see/drive a demo car. They have a SY with Touring demo. I've had a car on order since last year I'm spot 20, CO, Touring on order, hopefully Dec Delivery. I've been worried about fitting etc. Yesterday I drove to St. Louis and finally got to actually see this deminutive beast. I'll spare the gushy details since those who have seen it know what I'm talking about and those who have not are in for a treat that they have already read about.
My first impression was "wow, it's bigger than I thought." I had heard so many people comment on how small it was and I had a size in my head based on it being shorter than the Miata and was ready for a go-cart. Don't get me wrong it's a go-cart but it's a big go-cart. I'm 6' even, 230lbs, tree trunk body habitus, size 12 shoes. I was wearing rather wide shoes and did OK with the pedals.
Steve Brown at Behlmann's Midrivers Lotus had warned me that if it rained he'd have to reschedule as the car has never been driven in rain. Got there early p.m. The clouds looked ominous and within short order we were off and on the road to try and beat the rain, luckily the gods smiled on us. Steve had had a nice route in mind with some twisties that he had been using, alas as fate would have it the city government was not cooperating and had strated construction. So we blasted down the interstate for a bit with a section of the sideroads still open with some corners until we hit construction. It handled like a dream
As an aside, my hat is off to people at Behlmann's, I felt that Steve, fearing rain, rushed through the preliminaries so we could get on the road. Luckily that was not an issue, but the effort was muchly appreciated. After the fact spent a fair bit of time crawling all over the car and generally shooting the breeze about cars. It was a great way to spent a balmy afternoon.
I feel that this car is well worth waiting for, I had faltered and had started shopping for a band aid fix (another 944S2 Cab) and had almost bought one two weeks ago. I've now had a taste of the greatest sports car I have ever driven and I'm ruined. It's a benchmark that I'll compare all others against from now on. I'm definitely ruined when it comes to sportscars after yesterday. :D
Oh Yeah, 12V adaptor is in the wrong place for an ipod recharger, unless you want a coil of wire going from your elbow to the dash. Good news is that there is ample room to mount the ipod next to the center console over where the 'glove' compartment is. And the iPod battery lasts about 8-10 hrs anyway which is a good day's drive.
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