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RedwineGuy said:
Has Behlmann recieved anything besides their yellow demo & the black customer car to this point?
They've apparently just been invoiced for 4 more - early listers (#2, #3, [#5 or #6] and #7) can expect calls next week with more details.

#4 (one of the more infamous ebay pre-delivery "spot" sale attempts) is delayed owing to it being sports pack. I can't recall whether it's #5 or #6 that got skipped (color batching?) but the one of those two that ordered Arctic Silver wound up with the short end of the stick. Though some that ordered starshield got it, 2 that ordered it will be arriving without. :confused: :mad: :(

As I recall, the same truck that dropped off the demo/#1 car in St. Louis made it's way up to Chicago afterwards. An optimist might interpret this as meaning that FVMC could be looking to receive (trailer capacity - 4) cars in the not-too-distant future. Of course, I'd be shocked if there are any optimists left around here. :D
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