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Not sure if this is a repost, but I couldn't find anything in the Search...

Lotus Elise Black & White editions revealed

While Lotus is certainly known for its minimalist philosophy of design, it is also increasingly known for the incredible multitude of special-edition models offered. Today we get to add another pair to the ranks - the Bell & Colvill Black & White editions.

The pair of special cars features the monochromatic theme that lends them their name, a special tri-stripe down the middle of the car, upgraded microfiber interior materials, upgraded wheels and a special rear diffuser.

The options packages - both Black edition and White edition - will be available from Bell & Colvill, the longest-established Lotus retailer, and only on Elise R and Elise SC models, reports Lotus Enthusiast.

Despite the appearance-only nature of the Black and White editions, pricing sits at a fairly healthy £1,950 ($3,200). On the other hand, the full package includes features worth about £5,000 ($8,200) if purchased separately.

No word on whether the packages will cross the pond for sale in the U.S., but given the association with Bell & Colvill, don't expect to see this one in left-hand drive.

Lotus Elise Black & White editions revealed - [Lotus Elise R] - MotorAuthority - Car news, reviews, spy shots


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