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So needless to say, one of the previous owners of my car smoked the front end pretty hard. The guy I bought it from said he bought it with a carbon splitter that had damage, and he removed it. Guessing the splitter was on when the following damage was done..

The license plate plinth is cracked straight through the fiberglass on the bottom front edge. There is some spiderwebbing around the plinth but luckily that is the extent of the damage. It is significant, but not major.

I have had tape on it to cover the damage and prevent debris for months..the plan now is to fill it then paint over it with some spray on bedliner in black for some added protection.

Now I need to find what filler to use...since it is on fiberglass it needs to be relatively flexible so bondo is out. I am thinking some epoxy with a low tensile strength or something not so brittle..maybe with microballoons for added strength.

Anyone with any opinions?
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