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I've been living here for a few years now, and almost every weekend i go on a drive, (can't get enough) so i thought i could share my best drives here.

I'll start with one and post more as you guys share yours with me.

Kings Mountain Rd to HWY 1:

Condition: Good
Traffic: extremely low but watch for cyclists and deer
Beauty: Average redwood forest
Fun: The best twisty i've been on yet.

Kings Mountain Rd to Lobitos Creek Cutoff - Google Maps

And here's a video of it (watch in hd)

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Great idea for a thread, Javier!

I've been reluctant to play with my new Elise too much because the tires that came with it were pretty bald. Now that I got my new wheels and tires from Dietsch (Thanks, Rob!) I've been taking it out for early morning drives on the weekend.

My daughter and I got up at 5:30 am on Father's day and headed from West Sacramento over past Lake Berryessa and almost to Napa. The roads are nice and quiet that early in the morning. We made it back home before the rest of the family even woke up...

Condition: Moderate
Traffic: It was OK early, but by 7:30am there were cyclists and trucks pulling boats!
Beauty: Not bad, but not redwood forest or California coastline
Fun: I have nothing to compare with, but lots of "15"/"25"/"35" mph curves. I was having fun!

Here's the section shown in the video: Google Maps
Easy access from northern Bay area or Sacramento

Next time I'll try the section of 128 that goes up north past the lake:shift:.
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