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Best oil filter?

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Hey all, I'm still a relatively new Lotus owner so please bear with me on these relatively basic questions.

I have a 2010 Elise and wondering what is the best aftermarket oil filter. I stopped by my local Advance auto parts and they have the typical brands. They also had a K&N for my car but is was tiny (HP-1003)...and like $12 bucks.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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Not sure about the above question, but +1 on the japanese oil filter. I ordered a box of 10 when I first got my car. They seem like they are high quality. Any toyota dealer can get them if you tell them what you are looking for.
90915-10004 Still available

If your local Toyota Dealer isn't giving you any 10004 love, try:

In their part number field, search for 90915-10004A and you'll get the right filter. Just phoned, talked with parts guy there (Ross or Russ?), and he confirmed they have them, reinforced that you use the "A" in the part number, and they won't disappoint you by sending a YZZF1 filter. He even asked, "Are you a Lotus guy?", so he knows why we're seeking them. :nanner:
The Canton one looks interesting.. 2 questions:

What is the proper size for our car?
Does anyone know how much more it weighs compared to OEM or K&N2009/M1-209 filters?

(few ounces more cool, 2-3lbs more... not so cool... how beefy is it?).
I have a Canton for sale with 6 cartridges if interested, it is large and very sturdy, heavier as well, very high quality part.
while sturdy is nice, heavier is not a positive attribute... How much heavier are the canton filters?
Also I don't see mention of a bypass valve for the canton filter? Does it have one? or is this one of those "race only parts" that requires careful operation such as idling for 5 min before use. That sort of thing would possible for a race dedicated trailer queen, but not so fun for leaving the shopping mall in Nov (or leaving for AutoX at 5am in late Oct... around here)
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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