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So had the typical rough monday at work, bleh. found traffic drove the C63 instead of the smart today, got home, opened up the garage and seeing...
:UK: :coolnana: :nanner: :nanner2:
It's still a shock to see this thing sitting my garage.
it was one of those Ferris Bueller days, had to fire it up and take it out to dinner. :shift: may not be as fast as the benz but 1000x the fun. Got plenty of the usual looks, thumbs up and camera phone pics snapped at me.

p.s. most of the oil residue is from my leaky supra over the years. it really doesnt look that bad in person.


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I hear you.
I have an 02 e55. Torque is brilliant. Im not a Merc.Man whatsoever.Yawn! BUT this jewel I purchased because its all rolled in one that I owned from the past.
Audi 5000 quattro/BMW E30 M3/ 84 UR QUATTRO??:(miss it! Its kind of a rolled into all vehicle.I dont think I would ever purchase another Merc. Not me and I cant get excited about their new offerings.
Ill be 99 years old and be driving an AUDI SPORT QUATTRO. If I can afford it.
Anyways..I come home driving the saloon and go into the garage to look at the cheese! The wedge.
It does put a smile on my face and it is a feast for SOME eyes; especially mine.
Cant wait to drive it. Man O Man!!!
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