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Those are all good superchargers but those are all products for the 111R Federal (2ZZ) Elise, not the 111S (1ZZ) Elise.

There is one old but good thread on LotusTalk about 1ZZ forced induction:

There is now a TRD branded supercharger for the 1ZZ in Toyota applications (Matrix etc) but I don't know if it fits against the firewall in an S2 Elise.

You will have better luck on other Elise forums (SELOC and the Aussie forums) as 1ZZ Elise were actually sold in those countries.

One other place to look might be the MR2 Spyder forums since they came with the 1ZZ engine in all markets and have similar space problems.

I think most people who want more performance out of the 1ZZ in any car upgrade it by removing it and putting a 2ZZ in instead.
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