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Hi Old Fella,

I just went through the same analysis. Installing myself wasn't an option, however, nor am I technical enough to really know what I'm talking about so take anything you read with a grain of salt. With that said;

Factory Option
I think this is the MP45, or as one guy called it, a 'baby blower'. I found these used (but in good condition) on LT and eBay for around $2,500. Installation was going to be about a grand and you'll need the car retuned which was about $500 at the dealership. That was going to put me out $4,000 to add 30hp (+/-), but I had the 'good feeling' of knowing it was a factory option.

Katana/MP62 Kits
You can find these used on LT for under 3k or new for just over 4k (no intercooler) and with the bigger blower you're getting more 'kick' than factory. You can also add intercoolers and whatever else to really build these kits up, but you'll have to get a tune from one of the resellers (VF, Sector111, etc). Depending on who you ask, those tunes range from 'great' to 'problematic'. I assumed install of these kits was also about a grand with the tune roughly the same as with a factory kit, bringing my price up to $4500-$6000, but with more power than factory and the ability to build more if I wanted.

These are the kits that Phil sells based on the TVS superchargers. The REV300 is around $5800 with another $500 for the tune, plus install. I couldn't find any used. From what I read (and understood) however, is that because these blowers are larger (and newer), they produced similar power in non-intercooled form than you would get out of the Katana/MP62 kits with intercoolers.

In the end, I went with the REV300 because I was convinced (right or wrong) that the software out there used to tune this kit was better/more comprehensive than what was being used to tune the MP62 kits. That info was confirmed in a few conversations I had with LT members as well, although I don't believe that meant the other tunes were 'bad' - just not as 'good'. In the end, I spent more than I wanted for more power than I thought I would need, but I decided it was better to have options and what (I hope) to have a very drivable, reliable car for years to come.

Checkout BOE, Vision Function and Sector111 and see for yourself. I'll have my car back soon and will gladly share my experience once I'm back on the road!

Question for you, though: I saw you looking for the gullwing top, now you're looking for seals. That tells me you found one. Where and how much? Like you, I think they look great, despite how much they might leak.
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