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BrianK said:
To those who have made the weekday trek from L.A. to San Diego (specifically La Jolla) - when is the best time to do it? The earlier, the better, but I don't want to leave before 8am & don't want to be stuck in lots of traffic on the 5.
Are you coming down the 5 all the way, or the 110/405/5 route?

In any case, when you get into Orange County, the rush hour traffic should have subsided. most of it is going the other way anyway. The crunch from Oceanside to Del Mar should also be over by the time you get there, if you leave LA at 8:00.

Before you leave that morning, check

And monitor KNX 1070...traffic reports every 7 minutes. Before you get to Lake Forest, you have several alternatives around a serious traffic situation. After that, it's basically I-5, or nothing.
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