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In a wide sweeper (like turn 2 at Willow). The entrance really has nothing to do with the exit. ... but I do tend to double apex a wide sweeper..... I enter late, 1st apex late to lighten the rear wheels, when the rear goes, I steer and throttle to keep at the edge of adhesion..... power to keep the rear loose and steer/countersteer to keep where I wanna go. Near the end of the sweeper, I apex again to set up for the straight / next corner..... This is assuming that your definition of a wide sweeper is like mine.... that's why I gave turn 2 at Willow as an example.

Wide sweepers are my favorite... thats usually where I reel people in. I love the pitch and catch game in the middle of the corner!

Jose soriano

BTW, this is with a front engined RWD car.... I have no idea if this will work with a mid engined car..... can't wait to find out!
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