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Big Mistake!!!!!

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I was at the dealership in Boston (really waltham) having a small issue with my Elan M100 taken care and I decieded it was time for a test drive. Now I'm going to be thinking of the car every day until summer of 05 when my car will come in. (I hope) #55

I had some doubts, but no more. What a great car. I took it up Rt. 2 and boy when that cam comes on, wow.
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I made the same mistake last Sat. But it was worth it!:cool: :D
Wow. I used to have an MG back in the 80's and my friend had a TR8. At the time I thought a TR8 was one of the best British convertibles since it was small and had a V8. My MG did 0-60 in about 12 seconds, and I think the TR8 did it in about 8, but I was more into the fun of driving than the speed.

Its amazing that 20 years later a 4 cylinder Lotus can have better performance than a V8 in a similar sized car. Iam getting the Lotus for the fun and handling aspects, I hate big cars, and love open top cars, the speed is a nice added bonus

Is the TR8 a convertible or hardtop?
My TR8 is a convertible. I love the V8 burble. BLUB,BLUB,BLUB,BLUB The car is slow by todays standards, but is still a ball to drive. I bought it with 6000 miles. It's in lovely shape. I aslo owned one in 1981 but stupidly sold it. When my current TR8 became availibly I snapped it up.
Do you have any pics of your TR8? My bro had a couple of TR7's years back and always wanted a 8 but never found a nice one.

I remember when I was in middle school I would drool over his black TR7 convertible...
xxxotic said:
Its amazing that 20 years later a 4 cylinder Lotus can have better performance than a V8 in a similar sized car.
Not really that amazing, considering people said the same thing about the Esprit in the early '80s. Remember that the Esprit had only 4 cylinders for most of its life until it got a V8 in '96.
Ah, so that was your white Elan - it looked nice. :up: You had a pretty big smile on your face when you came back!

At least your car won't be delivered in the dead of winter here - that would blow.
Au111, do you work at the dealership?
Nope, I was picking up my car after the 1k service. I was signing papers when you drove up.
John, The wait is the worst part!! Mine will finally be here next week! Doing the paperwork tonight on her! When I saw you at MOT, I thought it would have been here sooner...the long await is almost over! Then I'll be ripping up the on/off ramps like Al!!!

Bruce (now I can't wait for the break in period to be over!!)
Al, I saw your car at the dealership. Good group of guys down there. What a nice color on your car. Were you delivery #1?

Bruce, you lucky bum. Can't wait to see it.
My car and Eyelise's came together. I think I picked mine up mere hours before him.

Bruce - the last week is the hardest part of the wait, just hang in there. I may have to invent a reason to go to the dealership just to see Bordeaux in person - that was our second choice in color.

Well the wait was well worth it! Took her out for a quick run while I was signing papers with Pat. All I can say is ......ok words can't describe it! One more day, I take her home Thursday night!!

way to go...i'm happy for you, and envious!:clap: :bow: :clap: :bow:
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