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Jasonv44 said:
Anyone have some feedback on what the visibility will be like through the mirrors? Any noticeable blind spots due to frame, small back window etc?

My guess is that the car is so small I will probably be in the blind spot of others more often then not being able to see them.

It's a little like driving a panel van, but with normal size rear view mirrors. The view from the inside rear view mirror was very limited in the Euro 111, I drove and it appears that the US seats (and 111R?) have much wider headrests. There is a tunnel view from either the inside rear view mirror or looking over your shoulder.

The outside rear view mirrors provide about the same view one would expect from any other car. Peripheral view from the driver's seat is pretty limited by the sail panels aggravated by the fact that you are sitting further towards the center of the car than normal due to the wide sills. You have to lean forward and to the left and look back to see to the left rear.

You just have to drive fast enough that you only need to worry about things in front of you. :D
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