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Blue Lotus for sale in NC?

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When we got home from picking up our Lotus last night our first stop was an SCCA board meeting. We're on the board and the meeting was at 7, we got back into town at 6:45 and figured what the heck, may as well attend the meeting and show the board members the car.

Everyone was smitten with the car in a BIG way. :) As I was talking to one of the guys, an SRT-4 autocrosser, he said he was going to "get to drive one of these in NC next weekend". I asked him how and he said his son in law is a broker and has a car already. I said, "was he on the list?" and he said NO that he purchased it from someone else for a premium and plans on selling it himself. He said he THINKS its blue.

Does anyone know who or where THIS car could have come from? I didnt know any blue ones had hit the market yet.
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This better not be Robert's car. Grrrrrrrr:mad:
better not be mine!

(BTW...... doubt it is. The LB one going to FVMC is there and we'll have pictures on Monday!)
Last year a Brit in NC had a lazer blue RHD car, but he may have had to return it to the UK already(temporary import permit). Doubt this is the one you're talking about. He took the car to visit VIR once, but did not track it (except a parade lap).
Might be that this is the Magnetic Blue car that was
photographed on a trailer heading north somewhere in
Georgia after leaving the dealer in Jacksonville? The pix
were posted in July on this board.
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