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So as some of you know I wrecked my Exige :wallbang:

I am in New Mexico and the dealer in Albuquerque is brand new with little experience. So I opted for the dealer in Denver.

I talked to Marc at Ferrari of Denver. He said that I can take the car in any time. They use a couple of body shops that have lots of experience with Lotus. I told him that ultimately, if the car is being repaired to go back on the road, the documentation has to come from the dealer. He agreed.

Then he put me in touch with his body shop so I can talk to them directly. The body shop is Global Collision in Denver. I was able to find another thread about them here with great feedback so I was ok being referred to them.

My contact at the shop was Jake. He basically runs the show there.

I am OCD when it comes to my Lotus; demanding and high maintenance :no:. I asked Jake if he can rearrange his schedule so that a technician could spend the whole day disassembling my car so that we could see what the damage was while I was there. He made it happen. Additionally, before I even ask (like he read my mind) he told me that while I cannot stay in the shop throughout the process, he would take me back to see what was happening every stage of the way. Perfect! And he did.

Jake tried very hard to get me cheap transportation to Denver for the car and he came through but the OCD that I am, I had to trailer the car there myself.

Started driving at 1 am to get to the shop at 8 am when they open.

While driving to Denver, all the radio stations were talking about a massive hail storm the night before. Got to the shop and it was like a zoo; hundreds of cars with hail damage, literally :panic:. Jake kept his word in the mayhem and attended to my car as promised. I could see the pressure he was under putting a technician on my car.

I went back and forth in the shop to see the progress. Their estimator wrote it up. He then submitted this long list of parts to Marc at Ferrari of Denver. Marc sent the prices back in no time. The estimate got submitted to insurance and I was out of there.

This is all in one day from 8 am to 2 pm.

Very impressive operation they are running there. All sorts of high end cars from new Ferraris and Bentleys to vintage Jags. There are certificates from all the fancy car makers on the walls certifying the shop to work on their cars.

I went back.

The car got totaled. The process took about two weeks. Meanwhile the car was being stored at the shop. I would call Jake from time to time to check on the car. He assured me that the car is inside, all the parts were secure in a box.

I bought the car back from insurance, advertised it here and the bids started to follow. I asked Jake if I could keep the car there for another week, maybe the buyer picks it up from there and then I don't have to bring it back to New Mexico. Jake: no problem.

Bidding came to a conclusion, the week has passed by. The buyer flew out to Denver to inspect the car. Jake had staged the car perfectly with all the parts taken off the car. The car had been washed clean. The buyer did some measurements. The frame was untouched as promised. Jake spent some time explaining to the buyer what their assessment of the car was. The transaction was completed.

There was going to be ANOTHER week before the buyer's shipping company could pick up the car. "Jake, charge us storage so that we don't feel bad," the buyer and I asked. "Not necessary," he says.

I was done.

After all this is over, Jake said there is something I want to give you and he gave me a hard copy of the Lotus shop manual. Sweeeet! rotfl

Is this unheard of or what? You be the judge.

So for you Lotus owners in the area. I felt like I owed it to Jake at Global Collision to write about this :bow:

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Glad things worked out for you.
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