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Used BOE REV 400 kit. Mostly complete but is missing a few pieces. Includes everything shown in the pictures, the blower, intake manifold, most of the mounting brackets, pully, ITG intake+tube. Missing a few of the brackets, wiring harness, intercooler, belt, dipstick and tube, and the header tank. Not sure of the exact mileage on it but it came off of a track car that was used very little.
$3,100 + Shipping
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The BOE site lists the items below to be in their kit. Could you indicate which items are included and which are not? Some items are not cheap to source. This would go a long way in helping me, or anyone else, decide. Thanks.

Lotus Specific Cast Intake Plenum with Intercooler Core
Lotus Specific Case Inlet “Swan Neck" w/ Enlarge Inlet for Larger Throttle Bodies
Harrop TVS 1320 TVS Supercharger: BOEREV Spec
Pulley for Stock Engine on “Pump Gas"
ECU Flash Tune (optional)
ITG Cold-Air Intake
REV400 MAF Housing
Side-Mount Water Heat Exchanger
Twin 8" Cooling Fans
Bosch Water Circ. Pump
Weather-Pack Wiring Harnesses
AN Fittings
Transfer Hoses
CNC Machined and CAD designed Brackets
REV Oil Dipstick Tube and Dipstick
Intercooler Swirlpot Header Tank
Serpentine Belt
Bosch EV-14 750cc Fuel Injectors
Walbro 255lph Fuel PumpIntake Air Temperature (IAT) Kit
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