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Bordeaux S2 Elise spotted in San Diego

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Seen in the Scripps Ranch/Poway area.

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That's just perfect for me! I'll keep an eye out and the digicam handy this weekend. What road was it on?
Randy Chase said:
Seen in the Scripps Ranch/Poway area.

Randy you need a camera phone so that we can all see it:)

2005 Elise with P900 smart phone
Looks like some lucky soul is getting a preview test. Maybe they'll post for all our benefit? Or could Lotus be doing some final shakedown testing? Probably the former.
Any more word on this Randy? I've been keeping the digicam in the car these days.
Nope. It has vanished....
I'm guessing that's the Bordeaux car Tony drove during the LA show?
Does the car look like this?????
Thats me standing next to the Elise at Calder Park Raceway down in Australia last October. That car is amazing on a race track with the stock brakes and it had the old 150HP boxer motor. It took me a few laps to get use to left hand shifting,but once I got use to it, boy was it fun:D



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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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