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Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, we are doing this again. The first event was a huge success. On a Sunday in February when the temps hovered around freezing there were 75+ cars. For this event Sam Lurie from The Beantown Sound and myself have graciously been given permission to use the parking lot at Trade Center 128 in Woburn. This is a new building and very clean, plenty of parking and the on site Dunkin Donuts will open for us.

***Important Things To Remember***
Please be mindful of the surroundings. Place all trash in trash bags, or take it with you when you leave. The Tradecenter has been kind enough to give us the oppurtunity to use there parking lot. This is a great oppurtunity for us so be on your best behaviour! This means absolutely NO DONUTS, NO BURNOUTS!!! If you see someone acting up, tell them to stop. Tradecenter is open to allowing regular meets to happen on the property, as long as they feel we are responsible enough

Please try and spread the word. The more the merrier! We don't know your friends, your next door neighbours, your co-workers; Reach out to them, invite them, and we can all gather and share in our passion. This event will be advertised in the area and at the office park. The event is RAIN OR SHINE. There is a 5 story parking garage with ample space for hundreds of cars. In the event of rain or snow, we will be meeting inside the garage.

Time: 9:30AM-11:30AM
Location: Trade Center 128 (Woburn, Massachusetts)
Directions: Lease Peabody, Lynfield, Reading, Wilmington and Woburn, MA office space
Available Food: Dunkin' Donuts On Location

This is across the high way from the Woburn Movie Theatre off exit 35 on 128. From the rotary turn right onto Main St. (Route 38 North). Turn left at first stoplight onto Elm St. Turn left onto Sylvan Rd. and drive past the shopping plaza, then turn right into TradeCenter 128. We will use the part of the parking lot that I highlighted in blue.

Facebook Group

See everyone there!

1. 55Fanatic M3
2. Monabaker 996TT
3. JJR4884 McLaren F1
4. Chrisrunner
5. Sam 325i
6. Sunnydude
7. Lizak187 M3

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yuppie racing dot net? It's not even valid... but really yuppie racing dot net?
forum isnt up yet... some difficulty with my hosting company... the forum is an old Northeast based forum... that shut down a couple years ago... I am trying to get it back up and running

as for the name... it's more of a joke then anything... most of the members of the previous group were very down to earth car guys...

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I live 3 miles away so I will most likely go. Sounds like fun.

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This is as of 7am this morning...

1. 55Fanatic M3
2. Monabaker 996TT
3. JJR4884 trycycle
4. Chrisrunner
5. Sam 325i
6. Sunnydude
7. Lizak187 M3
8. redsox2009 330ci
9. spazmataz 323ci
10. 00BMW540i6
11. dmon_101
12. Beematic M3
13. sna77
14. madchef ZHP
15. Dave96dcm
16. sunydude 325i
17. ma325e
18. pocket penguins E30
19. NHskibm E30
20. pennpen E30
21. adstock M3
22. whispaz FX35
23. BostonBallao M3
24. E36cruiser M3/mustang cobra
25.DuWerk R32
26. M-technik-3 325is
27. Kevin_E21
28. Mr.NoOne M3
29. don_radeon Wrx
30. magic robots sweet hyundai SUV
31. Urban07STI STI
32. tlewis81 STI
33. Chad2.5i
34. Bigbrakeparts WRX
35. WeldingHank
36. heyitznosaj WRX
37. atc5 Legacy GT
38. Darthnefas 330
39. Intheflesh 308gtb
40. Karc Vette
43. MK4SandBuggie
44. Marc1978 Corrado
45. Anjaloveshervw rabbit
46. dave020905 corrado
47. ThatGuyRyan
48. Devils-Rejects GLI
49. Isgro Rabbit
51. RydnShotgun
52. Tekron for President
53. Mikey97 Golf
54. DjarumSplasher Golf Diesel
55. Graffix JTI
56. R3 Rabbit
57. VW1990Corrado
58. JettaGT8V80 GTi
59. imjamesiridebmx GTi
60. Trptguy Jetta
61. Chapel S6/GTi
62. Cardinal elise
63. cegan maybe elise
64. Pengineer91
65. Tom Beggan S4
66. Keeper Elise/something else
67. Rabydanimal saabaru
68. unclemat Legacy GT
69. Fzanetti Legacy GT/ FX
70. wngan9447 Legacy
71. Mugennosora 1 series
72. arrutled 135
73. and_1 135
74. BlackjackMulligan 135
75. Rachel 135
76. Kev M3
77. Arustik1 335i
78. Cyphr 335xi
79. Holson 335
80. Branabolic 335i
81. pdeacon 335
91. diamondskyline M3
92. mmc2488
93. Glassjaw E55
94. Jketch
95. Dexter

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It's still a little too early for Lotus runs with sand still on the roads, I guess the German & Japanese car guys don't realize what sand does to a fiberglass car! :thwack: It's like sandblasting your rockers at best!

Bruce :shift:

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Wait? Will is going? I thought he traded everything in for a new house?
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