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boomboom said:
My father and I are in both the Quattro club and NELLI. The NELLI group is a small but fun group. It would be nice to show up at the larz Anderson auto show in the new elise; not run by NELLI but probably the largest event.
I spoke with your father for a while at the 06 Larz Anderson British Car Day. The weather was terrible and we were the only Elises of three Lotus at the event.

I'm trying to get some more momentum behind local meets. Some Lotus owners and I planned and held several events last season on our own, but I expect many more next season, probably in conjunction with Club 111 and NELLI.

I'll be keeping people posted, but send me an PM or email if you want to be on a blind copied mailing list notification of events.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts