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Hi Guys,

I've bought plenty of cars over the years (I have auto commitment issues) and have had varying degrees of satisfaction with the salesman / dealer while doing so. The experience that I had buying my Elise was the best I've ever had, so I wanted to tell everyone about it.

I bought my 06 Elise from Max Shaffer of Greenville Lotus in Greenville, SC. It was three hours away from me, so I talked to Max about the car several times before making the trek to go look at it. I had more questions than with any car I've ever bought before (I bet that's not uncommon in buying an Elise). Max's knowledge of the Elise and my car in particular was particularly impressive. The previous owner traded in the Elise for an Exige SC and Max made calls to the previous owner for any questions he couldn't answer and got back to me quickly. I asked if he would find out if it was possible for me to talk to the original owner, so he got permission from him and gave me his number. It was a pleasure to talk to the previous owner and made me feel more comfortable about the purchase and I got some real world information about my particular car on the track as well as the various upgrades that were done.

I drove the 3 hours to Greensville, SC to test drive the car. Max brought me to a safe place to drive aggressively and get a feel for the car. His laid back attitude and zero pressure made me almost forget that I was buying a car rather than hanging out with a friend (other than the fact that I had to own this car!). Negotiating the price was easy and painless. I bought the car on the spot.

I wasn't picking up the car for a week and in that week, I called Max an unjustly high number of times with various questions having to do with racing seats, harnesses, rims, tires and other track related goodies (none of which I could buy from him). At no point did he make me feel like I was in any way putting him out. In fact, I got the impression that he shared my enthusiasm and he was incredibly helpful.

I was to pick up the car the following Saturday and I was trying to figure out the best way to get there to pick up the car. My wife could have driven me; however, I really did not want to make my wife drive 6 hours to help me pick up the car if it were avoidable. I asked if there were a bus station near by so I could take a bus there. Max offered to have me picked up! Let me repeat that! Max arranged to have someone drive 3 hours to my doorstep, pick me up, and drive back 3 hours to the dealership! This flat blew me away! This occurred after I had signed all the paperwork. This was not a seal the deal type offer. It was a sincere offer to help me out and I really appreciated it. An older couple picked me up (75 yrs + would be my guess) and they were GREAT! I truly enjoyed their company and conversation. The hours went buy quickly. They picked me up in a VW Golf R32 and offered to let me drive back, which I did and fully enjoyed.

The Elise was ready to go when I got there and I was back on the road in minutes! Effortless is the only way to describe the experience.

Since that time, I've probably called Max a dozen times with different questions. Max has been just as helpful and friendly after the sale as before. We all know how rare it is to get great service after the sale is completed! It is clear that he loves what he does and loves Lotus. It was absolutely the best buying experience I've ever had!

There have been plenty of times I've needed to vent about bad service on a forum so it is particularly pleasurable to heap some praise when everything goes as well as you hope!

Lotus of Greenville, SC
Max Shaffer - 888-245-3823
Lotus Greenville - Home

Max Rocks!

All the Best,

Greg Savoie
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