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Brake dust and paint

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Hey folks,

I've got my first track day coming and I'm shopping for spare brake pads. I'll likely have a track set, and save the OEM's for backup at the track, and for the street.

Since I'll be swapping pads, I will re-burnish the track pads before each track day.

Anyway, I have spoke with a few racers and track day junkies here at work and have gotten strong warnings about buying too aggressive a pad. The warning is that these pads, when wearing at high temperatures can bond dust permanently on wheels and the body. I don't mind a lot of dust, but I'd like to be able to clean it :)

Can anyone comment? Are they referring to higher end racing material like the Pagid RS14's and Hawk HT-10's? What about mid-grade material like Pagid RS 2-4 Blue's and Hawk HPS's?

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No doubt they are talking Hawk Black/Blue. I have had it a little with the bagid blues too on my Elise.

My solution, wash your car after the event and swap your street pads back on and you'll be fine.

Back in the day, ArmorAll had a wheel cleaner that had some frikken awesome stuff in it but had since taken that ingredient out and it no longer works as good. The ingredient (the name slips my mind) is now only sold in... oven cleaner!

So you can try oven cleaner, I tried dousing my wheels with Brake Cleaner this weekend and it actually worked pretty good!

But yeah, they make your wheels ugly, and if you don't wash the car, they can make the car ugly too.


EDIT: I have even had yuck pad dust with Hawk HP+
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