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brake master cyl question.. elise/exige

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i'm building an 07 Elise into a track only car. my car has had a rather freaky front crash which damaged the brake booster when something went thru the top of the clam. i'm considering using this as an opportunity to change it and delete the ABS and booster

has anyone fitted the S1 non boosted master cyl?

is there any other relatively simple alternative?

is there an available dual system with bias bar ?

thanks in advance. i hope this is the most relevant section to post the query
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thanks guys, i've read the link provided but it has not really answered my most basic question "can i directly bolt on a Series 1 unboosted master cyl to my S2 car and get rid of the booster and ABS module"

at this stage, i have an open mind on how to finally deal with a brake change. I just saw this broken booster as an opportunity to make an improvement at the MC end, rather than just putting back the factory booster.

It will never be re-registered for road use, so i'm free to do what i want.

i have ready access to a wide range of brembo or sumitomo 4 piston front calipers and may just move the AP/Lotus 2 piston calipers to the back, subject to doing some calcs on braking forces. It seems that this is a common mod, but a few folk have commented that they get poor pedal feel due to increased hydraulic volume.

if i change to non-boosted i would make a bore change to the cylinder(s).

I hope some racers can add further comment
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